Advertising lessons from Gerard Depardieu

Due to sensation, caused by the fact that Gerard Depardieu acquired Russian citizenship, few people have noticed that the great actor had carried out very efficient advertising campaign

Gerard Depardieu is a celebrity with pretty controversial reputation. Exclusively within former Soviet Union he used to be a French number one. In both France and Western Europe Depardieu is very scandalous person. 

The actor is known in France as an Anglophile. As a result of scandalous situation, when he relieved himself in salon of an aircraft CityJect during the flight Paris – Dublin, he was deprived of the right to use flights of commercial airlines.  Another incident was when Depardieu beat up an automobilist in Paris and raised a stink in a Russian hotel. The list of "deeds" is pretty long.

In terms of political preferences Depardieu is very inconsistent: in 1987 he supported the socialist Mitterrand, in 2002 - the Communists, six years later - the right wing of UMP party, Nicolas Sarkozy. In addition, he had a liking for the Green Party. 

Among French celebrities in Ukraine (and, I dare to assume, in Russia) Depardieu confidently takes leading positions. Jean Reno follows Depardieu with a huge breakaway. All the scandals involving Gerard are taken more as a "smile of a genius", a part of celebrity life being beyond our concern. Yes, he is naughty, so what's the odds?   

My personal communication experience with Depardieu tells me one thing: it’s a great actor; he practically lives in a shot. No need for him to switch to the role - he lives when camera turns on.

Photo shoot for 4 plots with his participation took seven minutes, two camera shootings ended two hours ahead of a schedule.  And it’s because every take with him is good, and yes, he hates comments and remarks. And he can afford it.

Troublemaker, indiscriminate in politics, businessmen, chief cook, writer, again troublemaker, bully, and, above all, - the actor - is now back on front pages of newspapers. But this time within more serious context. Depardieu - Hollande - taxes - Putin - Rasputin - Depardievsky - Belgium - passport. Lots of tension in terms of banal from viewpoint of advertising fact - he is on the front page, everybody bespeaks him. 

We can break a thousand spears, considering Depardieu’s choice in the context of politics. A kick in the teeth of Europe, give in for Putin, great victory for Russia and so on and so forth. We should remember only one thing - it is not about politics, it’s about the actor and the man who loves money. Yes, he loves them. You should see his crazy rider: presidential apartments in Premier Palace Hotel, private aircraft (shuttle is no longer allowed) - this is a short and wide from being complete list of things Gerard needs in Kiev. By the way, I'm not sure if he realizes that he is constantly in a hurry and suffers sitting idly. To act, to work, to earn, to move. Ahead and ahead. And when they want to take something away, such person as Gerard is not about to part with. He’s got too much of an extra weight both literally and metaphorically.

So, the actor’s feelings were hurt, he lost his temper and responded, having achieved what every actor needs - recognition and support. The first one among significant personalities, who applauded Gerard, was Putin. And, being an actor who needs recognition, Depardieu accepted tremendous applauses. It could not have been otherwise. And it's not about politics. The issue is about gesture, pose, and assessment. When you go toward an important step, the only thing you dream about is support. And every person, being three times "un-Depardieu" will grasp at "Bravo", "Encore", "Well done", said by anyone. In this case the entire world and his wife was Putin himself!

Advertising campaign was over, challenge was created, and the target audience represented by the viewers - countries, peoples and Presidents – has appreciated actor’s role. Nothing else matters. Advertising campaign "I'm not going to pay taxes" form creative director and leading actor Gerard Depardieu ended up with amazing success. Taxes won’t be paid, the law has been abated. And victors don't have to justify themselves. 

As for the gossips, they will die down soon, but advertising is judged by its effectiveness, and in terms of given case the last is pretty obvious. Great actor has played next great part in social advertising against wealth tax. Bravo!  Though, having used the opportunity, Putin, Kadyrov, and illusive Mordovian  Ministry of Culture have caught up their play parts, it's a brand new movie with other actors, whom we don’t want to see along with Gerard Depardieu in one shot.


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