100 km from the health Tabasco. The first urban cycling marathon distance of 100 km

Kiev cyclists challenge was thrown in the fall - "Kiev Weaving". This is the first urban cycling race distance of 100 kilometers. The event attracted a record 700 participants. Side by side riding cyclists of different levels of training, professions, ages, from different cities of Ukraine, and even from other countries (Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Turkey, etc.). The age of the oldest member - 77 years. But in general velopotoke "Kiev Cotki" rode even the US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette.

Agency Tabasco became partner marathon. For events team has developed a corporate identity and advertising campaign conducted. With fasting prints helped Positive Pictures Production.

To motivate the media agency has used a non-standard way of dealing with editors by sending them an unusual centesimal bills requesting feel the importance of cycling and the money returned.

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