Alfa-Bank Ukraine makes your life easier

Today your faucet leaks, and tomorrow you have a new tile for your bathroom. It’s not because everything is possible, although this case too, but because to get a loan from Alfa-Bank Ukraine is possible without wasting words: without waiting in line, with your passport and TIN only, without pledge and guarantors.


Head of Marketing Department Alfa-Bank Ukraine
Jana Bondareva
Creative Director TABASCO
Alexander Smirnov
Head of the Creative Team TABASCO
Alexander Koptev
Director of Strategic Marketing Alfa-Bank Ukraine
Tatyana Chernenko
Art Director TABASCO
Evgeny Pavlovich
Producer TABASCO
Olga Zhegulina
Account Director TABASCO
Svetlana Korytko
Eli Sverdlov
Mathias Schoeningh
Second director
Valentin Semko
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