MTS Ukraine. Unlimited

As a 13-year-old boy can make a detailed tour of the colorful Lviv without a guide? From now MTS Ukraine with the mobile Internet has made it easier than ever. New MTS video and Tabasco in the air. All subscribers of the network at any rate get unlimited mobile internet.

Director of marketing
Oleg Reshetin
Head of Marketing Communications
Denis Lopatko
Head of Communications Department
Victoria Boyanovskaya
Senior expert of Marketing Communications
Alexey Kharchenko
Creative Director Tabasco
​Alexander Smirnov
Account director Tabasco
Elena Novikova
Account manager Tabasco
Olga Boyandina
Art Director Tabasco
Svetlana Horovenko
Copywriter Tabasco
Oleg Zavgorodniy
Producer Tabasco
Olga Zhegulina
Terminal FX
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This is the seventh roller MTS Tabasco account.