To whom Ukrainian children write new year letters ?

Pierre Noel - the French, Joulupukki - the Finns, Segatsu-san - the Japanese, Santa Mikulas - the Czechs, even the Africans have their own New Year's character - Papa Noel. Who, then, brings gifts to Ukrainian children? After all, Russian Father Frost and the American Santa Claus is hardly disassemble children flourishes in the Ukrainian language. MTS Ukraine and creative agency Tabasco has the answer: a holiday in a Ukrainian family brings St. Nicholas.

He is without the red nose and big belly, not waving his cane and does not exploit the deer, and in his spare time, he does not sit near the fireplace in woolen socks, he's ...

This is the seventh roller MTS Tabasco account. Prior to that, for example, the agency told the story about love dearest Dalmatians and poodle showed dark and light sides of the boxer Alexander Cirrus, a day lasted Svyatoslav Vakarchuk on the pedestrian bridge, and the hero of the next episode of "Star Wars" Pip Andersen forced to jump on the roofs of Kiev houses and trolleybuses.

Creative Director Tabasco
Alexander Smirnov
Copywriter Tabasco
Sergey Malak
Art Director Tabasco
Uladzimir Kobets
Strategist Tabasco
Vitaly Muzh
Producer Tabasco
Olya Zhegulina
Account director Tabasco
Alena Novikova
Roy Raz
Marketing Director MTS Ukraine
Oleg Reshetin
Head of the Department of Marketing Communications MTS Ukraine
Denis Lopatko
Head of Communications Department MTS Ukraine
Victoria Boyanovskaya
Senior expert of Marketing Communications MTS Ukraine
Alexey Kharchenko
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