Le monde meets the Ukrainian Le Blanc c le réclame from TABASCO

The flavor of French cuisine, the quality of Ukrainian oil and the advertising campaign created by the creative agency TABASCO, have come worldwide.

At the end of March, Le Blanc was launched in Egypt - the 20th country in the export portfolio of the brand. Before that, the Ukrainian oil was firmly established on the shelves of China, the Netherlands, the United States, Lebanon, Lithuania, the United Arab Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Cote d'Ivoire, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Togo, Kenya, Myanmar, Qatar, Suriname,
Venezuela and Vietnam.

Therefore, in the plans of Kernel and TABASCO - do not stop and constantly expand the world area of ​​the Ukrainian product: both food and advertising. Vive l'Ukraine!

Head of Marketing and Sales Department KERNEL
Sergei Neroshchin
Head of Marketing KERNEL
Inna Tokhtarova
Creative Director TABASCO
Alexander Smirnov
Creative Group Head TABASCO
Tatiana Belozorova
Creative Group Head TABASCO
Svetlana Gorovenko
Producer TABASCO
Olya Zhegulina
Account Director TABASCO
Elena Lapshova
Alexei Sai
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