Make ad, not war!

During the six months Tabasco released nine social campaigns for the National Security Council and State

In mid-May on the TV was a new clip from the National Security Council, calling on Ukrainians go to the polls on 25 May. The work was created by a team of Tabasco, Lime Lite Studio, Mental Drive, Wizard and Baker Street.

From November 2013 Tabasco agency issued nine urgent social projects. Among them: a series of commercials for the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine ( "565", "Romeo and Juliet", etc.), the campaign "Do not save us" campaign for Amnesty International in Ukraine and other work in support of the country's unity .
Andrew Paruby, Secretary of National Security Council:
"I want to podyakuvati Vashіy komandі for nebayduzhіst, solid Gromadyanska pozitsіyu that vіdpovіdalnіst, proyavlenі Tsey hard for Ukraine hour. Dyakuyu scho take an active part in zhittі Kraina i do not zalishaєtes ostoron od її problems. Vashі novatorskі rozrobki i tvorchі the brainchild, poєdnanі s profesіynoyu maysternіstyu, zmіtsnili patrіotichnі pochuttya, nasnagu that optimіzm ukraїntsіv ".

Alexander Smirnov, the creative director of Tabasco:
"In hard times, many of the issues fade into the background. Fear, business interests, laziness, vanity and greed are competing with a conscience. Our civic conscience requires us to defend their country weapons that we possess the best - means of mass communication. I am sure that we will win. Thanks to companies and people with whom you can go to explore: MOKA studio, 2332, Mental Drive, Baker Street, Wizard, Lime Lite Studio, 99 production, Propeller, Dewolfe, MASMI, "Amnesty International in Ukraine", Gvardiya, Pandora, Propeller, Baker, Patriot .

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