Less salt - more Tabasco

In order not to "annoy" the husband with dinner or lunch, the real housewives choose only natural seasonings.

To enjoy the food, seasoned with plenty of salt and chemical additives?
Testing the product at all husbands in the Agency, we found his, and the perfect life - "salad."
The new joint movie tells about the line of natural seasonings "Exclusive". Over the post-production video worked Polish studio Platige Image - professionals in the creation of computer graphics, 3D-animation, digital special effects and compositing.


Marketing Director of Pripravka
Olga Romashchenko
Brand Manager Pripravka
Elena Polizhay
Art Director Tabasco
Svetlana Horovenko
Copywriter Tabasco
Oleg Zavgorodniy
Account manager Tabasco
Olga Boyandina
Platige Image (Poland)