MTS Ukraine. 3G vs Voice

A large international team, which worked on the creation of video, led by Thor (Thor), a famous Icelandic director, decided to determine which is faster - 3G or sound?
For the experiment needed: airport, airplane, dozens of microphones and speakers, a pear, a pair of boxing gloves and Olympic champion. The task carried out by the experience - find out quickly that translates lightning strikes on pear: sound or 3G internet? The winner is determined protagonist of the roller, the famous Ukrainian boxer Alexander Barbel.

Head of Communications Department "MTS Ukraine"
Victoria Boyanovskaya
Senior expert of Marketing Communications "MTS Ukraine"
Alexey Kharchenko
Director of marketing
Oleg Reshetin
Thor Saevarsson
Creative Director
Alexander Smirnov
Olga Zhegulina
Art Director
Tatiana Shapoval
Eugene Dziubenko
Account manager
Tatiana Mastyugina
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