STOZHAR and TABASCO light up the stars

Big city takes a lot of time. In the morning, citizens hurry up to work, having intercepted a simple breakfast. Lunch - something warmed up in the office microwave, or one of the positions of a business lunch in the nearest restaurant. But in the evening.. 

Having freed ourselves from everyday food, we are preparing something special. Cooking from the heart and for yourself. In this there is some kind of creativity, magic. You are the master of the kitchen. Star. And such stars are lit throughout the city. The evening fairy tale begins - the most delicious fairy tale in the world, and we call it the Stozhar Hour


Head of Marketing and Sales Department KERNEL
Sergei Neroshchin
Head of Marketing KERNEL
Inna Tokhtarova
Junior Brand Manager KERNEL
Mariana Golota
Creative Director TABASCO
Alexander Smirnov
Creative Group Head TABASCO
Oleg Zavgorodny
Art Director TABASCO
Evgeny Sazhnev
Producer TABASCO
Olga Zhegulina
Account Director TABASCO
Elena Lapshova
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