Intertelecom. Wifi with you

Nowadays, when almost everyone owns device with Internet access, mobile Wi-Fi attracts like a magnet. Intertelecom provides opportunity to purchase mobile AP for multiple connections to the fastest 3G mobile Internet in Ukraine at a speed up to 14.7 Mbit/s. Don’t waste your time searching for Wi-Fi access points in cafés and other public places. From now on Wi-Fi is always with you - for you and your friends.

Agency - Tabasco
Director – Vasilisy Chihinsky
Production - 2332
Camera – Slava Lazarev
Managing producer – Lesya Sichkina
Producer – Lera Vinnukova
Post production - Terminal FX
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On March 28, 2011 commercial of the first national CDMA-operator Intertelecom was launched.