Why in Ukraine dominates aggressive way of sales promotion?

An average Ukrainian daily spends two hours and twenty minutes for watching the TV. At that, he prefers terrestrial channels, thus, the advertiser knows for sure what is of an interest for the audience and whom to sell particular kinds of goods.

Let us assume that the Americans pay more time for watching the TV, at that, they enjoy much wider choice, including satellite TV, TV on demand, Internet TV. This makes media planning so complex, that it is easier to find the consumer in Internet. In America it appears to be much easier to understand the audience, at least thanks to the Cookies and registration on Facebook.

In Ukraine it's different. The viewer remains an easy target, thus, it doesn’t take much time to chase him. This affects development of advertising campaigns.

There are two ways to communicate with consumers: so-called “push and pull models”.

Push-model is a strategy of aggressive sales. Advertiser bombards consumers with TVCs and special offers. The last, having not much of a choice, happily or fatefully accepts it. Given model perfectly works on markets, where an individual is so limited in choice that he would peer into “brainwashing box” hours and hours long. Given situation is well known to us.

However, Internet boom led consumer to a brand new level; he became free choosing person; this fact turns marketing community blood cold. Many people remember how 10 years ago advertising was going through terrible depression; the trendiest motto during those times was: "TV and newspapers are dying". Fortunately appeared Internet and social networks; both have wised market specialist with idea that any death is nothing else but a jump to the next level. And this new level became a brand new model of communication with consumer.

Pull-consumer "milks" information about products by himself, because he is interest it. Leak of new Peugeot photos, demo version of Halo game, delivery of Durex condoms to the "hot spots", - amazing!


When consumer ceases to respond to the product, advertisers are down with fever and start looking for new approaches. Although pull-model constantly pursues the same objective, which is sales, it differs by much more higher level of respect for people; it is curious and attentive, because the only case it works - is when it is possible to associate advertised brand with interesting for consumer content.

At the back of such global revolution in consumer-advertiser relationships stands a beaten choice: people simply stop watching and buying what they are imposed. 

Irritation from advertising is well known to every Ukrainian. But it’s necessary to understand that the advertising will be what you want it to be, as marketing budget is included into the cost of goods.

Self respect starts with a choice. In given case – it’s click on “OFF” button.



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