Identity for "Women of Steel", Council of Wives and Mothers of Ukrainian military

TABASCO supports the Women of Steel –°ouncil of wives and mothers of Ukrainian military and created the Council’s identity.

The Council "Women of Steel" is a public organization that protects the rights of Ukrainian prisoners of war. That's why we immediately decided to help this organization with communication, so that they can continue to do their important work, having their own visual identity that reflects their mission and manifesto:

"Ukrainian women are not born steel. They become steel when they wait for the defenders of the Motherland - their sons, husbands and brothers.

When they fight side by side.

When fighting for their life and freedom.

The war hardened these women, the war turned their gaze, their pain, even their tears into steel.

The Council was created to unite such women around a common goal - to rescue our heroes from the clutches of the aggressor as soon as possible, to perpetuate their feat, to honor their memory."


The identity offered by us captures their desire to be the driving force in spreading information about the heroes from "Azovstal" and the desire to constantly support the defenders of our state!

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