Public awareness campaign. Singer DZIDZIO against smuggling.

TABASCO creative agency thought about how to change the situation and bring smuggling out of the "shadow". Tabasco creative agency decided to cause a discussion in the society, thereby bringing out the image of an adventurous "profession" with easy money as shameful, dangerous and futile. Production and consumption figures also give an indication: in 2015, the official figure for tobacco consumption in Ukraine was 73 billion cigarettes. However, the approximately 10 million ever smokers in the country would have actually consumed, at most, 62 billion, according to the Center for Tobacco Control’s Skipalskyi. "That leads to a question – where did those 11 billion (cigarettes) go?” he asks. The answer is Poland and other EU countries, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey, the activists said. Diplomatic smuggler Smugglers evade customs (in most cases) by hiding tobacco products among other goods, like lumber, using specially designed hidden compartment inside cars and trucks, and by submitting custom documents with false data, Illicit Trade Report says. For that, Tabasco creative agency attracted a well known throughout Ukraine music band DZIDZIO, which is famous for its songs filled with humor and satire, to the project. In the story two flunks – Rough and Slim – decided to abandon their school and engage in contraband. Their classmate Nerd, who always suffered from his peers, chose a completely different path. Many years will pass before life gives them another meeting – and then it becomes clear who made the right choice. In the last verse there is a phrase: "We all are guilty a little", where the musicians looked beyond the satire and reach out to every Ukrainian: stop blaming everyone in your troubles, except yourself! This is a powerful and life-affirming message. Work! Become better with each passing day.

TABASCO Creative agency
Creative Director
Alexander Smirnov
Client Service Director
Viktoria Enkina
Head of the Creative Group
Alexander Koptev
Art Director
Kirill Bondarenko
Account Manager
Olga Boyandina
Film Director
Vladimir Shurubura
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