Sakata. Air conditioner image campaign

The rains will soon be over - and then comes the time when the brains are melted, and the body refuses to function properly until the temperature does not decrease by X degrees.

Sakata Conditioners solve the problem of productivity from day one. Reliable as the sun.

Sakata Client:
Andrew Divnich, Director Sakata
Maxim Gunko, marketer Sakata
Oleg Shevelev, Chief Commercial Officer Sakata

Strategic Internet Agency MediaHead
Christina Vinnichenko, Project manager MediaHead
Catherine Bashuk, Head of media planner MediaHead
Eugene Osipenko, Head of E-Commerce MediaHead

Victoria Enkina, account director Tabasco
Oleg Zavgorodniy, copywriter Tabasco
Alexander Badia, designer Tabasco
Vitaly Muzh, strategist Tabasco

Oksana Moiseenko, Media Group Head
Bloschitsa Alexander, director of the TV baing

Head of media planner MediaHead
Catherine Bashuk
Head of E-Commerce MediaHead
Eugene Osipenko
Director Sakata
Andrew Divnich
Marketer Sakata
Maxim Gunko
Account director Tabasco
Victoria Enkina
Chief Commercial Officer Sakata
Oleg Shevelev
Project manager MediaHead
Christina Vinnichenko
Copywriter Tabasco
Oleg Zavgorodniy
Alexander Badia
Designer Tabasco
Strategist Tabasco
Vitaly Muzh
Media Group Head
Oksana Moiseenko
Director of the TV baing
Bloschitsa Alexander