MІST: Rebranding of the National Museum of History of Ukraine

The key thesis of the concept — “History is a bridge that unites the past and the future”

The National Museum of the History of Ukraine presents rebranding. The new concept was developed for free by TABASCO creative agency to support the museum in its desire to become more modern. One of the key elements of rebranding was the abbreviation: Музей ІСТорії = МІСТ.


Fedir Androshchuk, General Director of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine, emphasizes:

“A new brand is not just a cover change. Drastic changes take time. And we must clearly understand how and where we are going. The Historical Museum is not only about storing and displaying exhibits. The image of the bridge embodies the desire to unite times and cultures. The new brand is the manifesto of the museum’s development strategy.”


The graphic sign of the logo — the letter M — speaks of the merger of two banks of Ukraine — left one and right one, and also symbolizes that in MIST past and future meet, that civilization and knowledge unite.


Oleksandr Smirnov, creative director of TABASCO:

“Working on the project, we found an interesting insight. Soviet tradition has created terrible acronyms that are simply unrealistic to use in life. Nobody will say: “Shouldn’t we go to NMIU tomorrow”? After all, a museum should be a place that you want to talk about and that you want to remember. No wonder that the Metropolitan in New York is called the Met. We started to spin this idea — we found images and meanings that accurately convey the essence of the country’s main museum. This is how MIST was born”.

TABASCO, Creative Director
Alexander Smirnov
TABASCO, Chief Design Officer
Svetlana Gorovenko
TABASCO, Designer
Victoria Vasilieva
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