Animated monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky

Installation Impression with branding and slogan "Ukrainian іnzheneri vrazhayut World" in a matter of hours flown all the news feeds and become a major infopovodom the last weekend of September. Animated monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky upstaged march embroidered shirts and even rally of bikers, who happily took pictures with galloping Bogdan.

Creative agency TABASCO second time in just half a year creates a project that falls into all the news from Ukraine, without spending a penny on the client's media placement (many will remember sensational TABASCO rollers 9 May). The news spread through the whole country channels. We counted 7 subjects on national television, 124 articles in the media. Even the "95 Kvartal" joked about the events in his "Pure News». Total views amounted to 1,897,810 among TV audiences and 49,502,572 contacts with online media.

"The secret of a successful strategy is to do social projects. Animated Bogdan Khmelnitsky - a symbol of the development of Ukraine, pride in the fact that we are working talented engineers, which shoulder projects of any complexity. Today it is very important-not to brag, but to show things that Ukrainian engineers and creators are able to impress the world and make it not only abroad and for abroad, but at home and for the Ukrainians, "- Alexander Smirnov says creative director TABASCO Agency.

Art installation affects the scale and complexity: the construction of a huge LED-screens with a total area of ​​about 305 square meters - is the area of ​​the basketball field. Weight - more than 39 tons - is 3 Shield monument "The Motherland". The height of the screens - 7.72 meters - the height of BELAZ. But the most difficult, of course, it was to create a three-dimensional Hetman riding a horse, and fit it into the landscape. For the background to the monument met 2 camera, which filmed it in real time. The combination of three-dimensional model with the background was carried out using c Satalyst PRO media servers co integrated video capture cards and displayed on the OSD of the video ERMAC.

The monument did not cease to surprise. In an effort to maximize the epic, sculptor neglected proportions of man and horse. Scanned composition was surprised by the fact that the horse body was unnaturally short, making it look like a donkey, and Bogdan proved existent giant whose legs while galloping fought on the ground. Pictured on the monument to Bogdan never be able to ride this horse. "We had to extend the body of the horse, changed the proportion of front and rear legs, as well as make adjustments to the initial position of the horse and Bogdan for the first frame of the canter," - says Eugene Tolchinin, director of marketing and sales Impression Electronics

The project was fully implemented Ukrainian team: the installation screens, object creation, video processing, the entire process - from the idea to the presentation - a product created by our engineers, creatives, technicians.

Watch the making-off


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Impression Electronics
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