“Raiff. It's easier that way”: TABASCO made repositioning for Raiffeisen Bank Aval

The creative agency had a task to change the perception of the bank from “old-school” to “digital-savvy multichannel”.

TABASCO creative agency has updated the positioning and developed an identity for Raiffeisen Bank Aval, which will help strengthen the brand's emotional connection with loyal and potential customers.


Partner and Creative Director of TABASCO: “Despite the fact that TABASCO has the most powerful and professional banking portfolio on the market, including the launch of Universal bank, rebranding of Crédit Agricole, many years of work for Alfa Bank, anti-crisis projects for UkrEximBank and many others, the project for Raiffeisen was special for us. The task of the pitch was to develop a creative idea for bank repositioning. This idea came to us in one word — Raiff. Our presentation lasted 15 minutes and consisted of one idea. After a month and a half, we got to know that our approach was recognized as the best. We admired the courage of the bank’s team. These simple decisions are often the hardest to make.”

The bank has a rich history (the Raiffeisen group is over 130, Raiffeisen Bank Aval in Ukraine is 28), but it is open to new things, keeps up with the times, becomes simpler and closer to customers. It is a bank for both people and business. Observe and participate in our drive to innovation. These are the messages that are broadcast through brand-call and identity.

Julia Puzyreva, CMO of Raiffeisen Bank Aval: “Every day there will be fewer complex products, incomprehensible pieces of paper, visits to the bank. We do our best to ensure that financial issues are resolved as quickly and energetically as our name — Raiff — sounds. It's easier. Our new style, the new identity is, first of all, an internal reference point for every employee to remember every day — in the centre of everything we do are people, our clients and their comfort”.