Obolon. Export campaign

In the new image campaign of “Obolon” beer, TABASCO emphasized the history of the brand from the beginning of the way to the export to 52 countries of the world.


You are standing in front of a crosswalk. A truck with the logo "Obolon" passes by you. Question: To what country it goes?

This task has not the simplest solution, because it has 52 answers. A bottle of beer with a familiar label you can grab even in supermarkets in Mexico, China and the United States. For 38 years of existence of the company "Obolon" has passed the way from the local Kiev brewery to one of the national leaders and a global exporter.

Is this possible to fit the whole evolution of this beer into 30 seconds of the commercial? Perhaps, only if to create small, but capacious trailer to this great story. This task became a challenge for the TABASCO team.

Oleg Zavgorodnyi, Creative Group Head TABASCO believes, "The brand's path is similar to the path of a human. The path to fame and recognition is a long and thorny, but there are people and brands that can go through it. Go through - and go back to relax and get a well-deserved reward. We are justly proud of those who represent the country worldwide in a worthy manner".

Victoria Vlazneva, head of the marketing department of the "Obolon" beer company says, "The new image campaign for the national brand "Obolon" is the result of the work of the two Largest Ukrainian Independent companies. Together with the TABASCO team, we told a story about the development, growth and international recognition of TM "Obolon". We are sure that the idea of this communication will give an opportunity for many to feel themselves a part of Ukraine's success in the world. "

Client: private JSC "Obolon"
Marketing Director
Vasilyi Shilov
Head of the Marketing Department of the beer market
Victoria Vlazneva
Senior Brand Manager of "Obolon" TM, of the marketing department of the beer market
Sergey Dorogan
The brand manager of TM "Obolon" of the marketing department of the beer market
Katerina Semenenko
Junior brand manager of TM "Obolon" of the marketing department of the beer market
Liana Chernetskaya
Creative Director, Partner
Alexander Smirnov
Creative Group Head
Oleg Zavgorodniy
Art Director
Evgeniy Sazhnev
Olga Zhegulina
Igor Stekolenko
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