Foxtrot. Bonus campaign

Meet personally with smartphones you can store "Foxtrot". For now, buying smartphones in the "Foxtrot", you automatically get a whole list of benefits: free gluing of the protective film, the annual insurance in case your smart phone crashed or fell into the water, and (if you purchase the device cost from 3 thousand UAH and above.) online technical support 24/7!

Marketing Director of Foxtrot
Natalia Average
Head of Marketing Communications Foxtrot
Andrei Adamenko
Brand manager Foxtrot
Ruslan Klimenko
Creative Director Tabasco
Alexander Smirnov
Producer Tabasco
Olga Zhegulina
Strategic Planning Director Tabasco
Vitaly Muzh
Head of the creative group of Tabasco
Alexander Koptev
Art Director Tabasco
Tatiana Shapoval
Copywriter Tabasco
Eugene Dziubenko
Account-director of Tabasco
Olga Rosa
Directed by
Yuri Motrich
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