"The end of the consumption era": Ukrainains has created a living book from which you can grow a plant

The book contains more than 200 global cases of responsible consumption and forecasts for 10 sustainable industries

"The end of the consumption era" is a book about responsible consumption. Several pages are made of biodegradable seed paper. In this way, readers can grow a plant from a living book. The format was not chosen by chance - it is the embodiment of the trend of conscious consumption, which is gaining  momentum in the world.


The authors of "The End of the Age of Consumerism" Viktor Andrusiv, Yana Lavrik, Andrey Dovzhanin researched 242 sources and conducted more than 25 interviews with residents of different parts of the world. The book contains:

  • more than 200 cases of responsible consumption from around the world;

  • forecasts for 10 sustainable industries: sharing economy, zero waste, green business, freeganism, etc;

  • comparison and analysis of trends in responsible consumption in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania;

  • vision of Ukraine in the 2030th.

The social project has already been supported by Ukrainian celebrities.

You can buy both paper and electronic versions of the book. The proceeds from sales will be used to popularize the topic of responsible consumption in Ukraine:

The initiator of the project is the Ukrainian Institute of the Future. The idea and implementation belongs to the creative agency TABASCO.